Angie Pai

Angie Pai (b.1993, Taichung, Taiwan) is a Taiwanese artist based in Melbourne. Pai graduated from RMIT and is currently attending the University of Melbourne’s School of Psychological Sciences. Her practice enquires about the hurdles of cultivating Buddhism and Taoism within contemporary contexts. Her familial kins often play critical roles, as they attempt to delineate ancient scriptures together to collaboratively discern the underlying utility-futility continuum of Eastern doctrines. These curious debates and subsequent discussions go on to inform Pai’s personal politics, serving as antidotes for millennial anxieties. Coincidently, the temporal dimensions of this practice yearn for dynamic modes of reconciliation — between self and others.

Recent Exhibitions:

Why You Like This, ACAE Gallery, Melbourne - 2023
The Metaphors of Restorying, River Art Gallery, Taichung, Taiwan - 2023


Studio Tenant 2022 - Present

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