Bryce Anderson

Bryce Anderson’spractice explores the potential of images, using print, collage and painting to re-situate found material into new constellations. Anderson’s work appropriates images drawn from popular culture and art historical references to explore notions of authorship, chance, reproduction and the still life motif. Producing among other things, figurative paintings, geometric abstractions and paper collages. By using this broad visual language, Anderson aims to push against the traditional divergence between figuration and abstraction, and understand what significance the act of painting still holds within contemporary art. He offers environments that navigate different periods and themes, attributing the potential of individual images to function today in a significant way. Shown recently in and Uprise gallery in New York.

Represented by China Heights, Sydney

Recent Exhibitions:

Times of the Day, China Heights, Sydney - 20220
Ground Work, Uprise Art, New York - 2022


Studio Tenant 2021 - 2023

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