Electric Light (facts/figures/haydens)

Daniel von Sturmer

23.09.2023 - 07.10.2023

Electric light (facts/figures) continues Daniel von Sturmer’s investigation into light as a powerful and fluid material. The installation involves a programmed intelligent light which projects custom drawn geometric shapes: a square, a circle, lines and grids (the ‘figures’) that extend or warp within different galleries or environments (interacting with the ‘facts’ of the space). The work uses technology as an active generator of images and encounters within the gallery space, and brings the apparatus into play as a kind of character in the unfolding drama. Expanding on static light works of Michel Verjux, Barbara Kasten and others, the work engages directly with architectural propositions inherent within the spaces, as well as the overlooked and forgotten artefacts of use such as abandoned hooks, isolated bollards, or plumbing work unsuccessfully hidden in gallery white paint.

Daniel von Sturmer appears courtesy Anna Schwartz Gallery

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