Isabella Darcy

Isabella Darcy is an emerging cross-media artist based in Melbourne (Naarm). Her practice follows an interest in the systems and flux of value within consumable objects and design, reconsidering and exploring value and the alignment with ways of contemporary culture, material culture, and human consumption.

Darcy works across a range of media, including installation, photography, printmaking, textile, and expanded painting practices. Her practice seeks to reflect and critically engage in class and subcultural practices linked to fashion and wearing. Darcy employs the use of found and collected materials in her work, whilst simultaneously forming an archive of material. Their archive places observation on how materials and objects carry their own histories and stories embedded within their own materiality. By creating and using her archive of collected material, Darcy preserves and recontextualises each of the materials meaning - creating new narratives around them.

Through their work, Darcy seeks to challenge and observe assumptions and habits around consumption, prompting further reflection on how materials and objects, are symbolic of how we navigate our lives.

Recent exhibitions:

Frozen Blood, Neon Parc, Melbourne - 2023
Backwash, Drill Hall Gallery, Canberra - 2023
Material Remains, Linden New Art, Melbourne - 2023  
Soft Furnishing, CAVES Gallery, Melbourne - 2023


Studio Tenant 2021 - Present

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