Jordan Halsall

27.08.2021 - 25.09.2021

Walkaway presents artworks centred around an interest in exit culture and the infrastructure it endeavours to leave behind. Responding to research and conversations surrounding iridology studies and the disclosed practice of commercial content moderation, sculptural assemblages reference the inherent metaphoric vision of both subjects. Discussed is the global politic, prosumer tendencies, and the eye as a new media factory - both empowered and penetrated. Using techniques of fibreglass mould making, steelwork, resin printing and outsourced oil painting, production becomes confused; depicting juxtaposed positions of a failing pipe dream.

Using sculpture and painting, Jordan Halsall utilises art’s capacity to represent dissonant ideologies in order to critically address computational based progress. The work journeys through optimisation, growth and technological change. He is a current board member of TCB Art inc. Selected solo exhibitions include Fertilizer, Conners Conners (2020) and Task Executor MUMA Science Gallery (2020). Selected awards include the John Vickeray Scholarship, Maude Glover Bursary and the MUMA mentorship award.

All images courtesy Christo Crocker


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