Handheld Juncture

Jordan Mitchell-Fletcher
Jacqueline Stojanovic

Handheld Juncture presents new work by Jacqueline Stojanovic and Jordan Mitchell-Fletcher. Merging practices of mosaic and tapestry, this exhibition unites their shared interest in craft and histories of the handmade. Exploring a myriad of themes around femininity, the binary of art and the artisan, and the inherent hierarchy of materials.

Jacqueline Stojanovic is a Melbourne based artist and weaver with a practice encompassing textiles, drawing, and installation. Through these varied modes of expression, her ideas sit on the cusp of past and present personal cultural narratives, concerned with either upholding traditions and/or the consquence of letting them die. Foregrounding an interest in the history of the handmade, her practice examines the geographic iterations of early art forms, paying particular attention to symbol, motif, and the underlying feminine qualities early crafts have in production and metaphor. Taking a position that weaving is an ancent carrier of culture, Jacqueline continues the practice of tapestry  within a contemporary framework, looking to the past in order to navigate the rapid social changes we are currently experiencing. 

Jacqueline completed a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Monash University and received a BFA Honours in 2015 from the Victorian College of the Arts, Australia. She has since exhibited in various solo and group shows in Australia and Europe, conducted weaving workshops in Berlin DE, and was an artist in residence at The Icelandic Textile Centre in Blönduós IS during 2017.

Jordan Mitchell-Fletcher’s practice plays with the conventions associated with craft, the handmade, installation and basic sculptural principles. Concerned with the tangent of making and the residues which collate, her work is often repurposed as a way of considering sculpture as an ongoing process.

Jordan lives and works in Melbourne and received a Bachelor of Fine Arts Honours in 2015 from Monash University. She has since exhibited in various solo and group shows both locally and internationally, and in 2018 was an artist in residence at AIRY in Yamanashi, Japan.

Images courtesy Christo Crocker

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