Tim Bučković
Sibylle Czichon
Ina Gerken
Manuel Gröger
Julie Irving
Julius Linnenbrink
Jake Madel
Allan Rand
Lalita Sherwell

28.09.2019 - 23.11.2019

preparation brings together 9 artists working within painting and drawing. Through diverse practices of artists based in Melbourne, Düsseldorf and Brussels, works find themselves edged between differing categories of images; abstract, representational, figurative, the field, the sketch etc. ‘preparation’ sets these image types in positions of thought, alongside each other, where the tail end of an image can lead into an idea fragment or mental energy contained in the next image. Setting up these combinations can produce a particular cloudiness in content that can neither be prepared for prior, or that is prepared for after. A cloudiness that could be said to contain a collection of modernism’s - collections of traits forming a path into the context of contemporary painting and drawing. Paths that may not be the intention of the artist to take...perhaps more of an existing, constantly breathing path, that instead walks itself down the production of painting and drawing and into the artists lexicon of perception.

Images courtesy Nina Gilbert

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